Reform Africa was founded in September 2018 by Aweko Faith, Naluyima Shamim and Mema Rachel.
We were three young ladies joining the Social Innovation Academy in Mpigi as scholars and quickly realized that we all share the same passion about art and saving the environment. This brought us together. Today we profit from the unique experiences and skills from our members, to contribute to our social enterprise.

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Aweko Faith is from Uganda and grew up in one of the slum areas in the northern part of the country. The slum had a poor waste management: it affected her education, classes got cancelled due to heavy rain and whole houses got flodded. The mission to fight against plastic pollution accompanied her since childhood.


Naluyima Shamim grew up in the slum and most flodded areas in the capital of Uganda - Kampala. She lived next to trenches that got badly blocked by the plastic pollution - houses were flodded, cars were stocked. She was always passionate about art & creations as well as helping single mothers - as she grew up with a single mum.


Mema Rachel is a refugee from Congo and was staying at Nagivale Refugee Camp before joining SINA in 2018. In refugee camps waste mangement is not a topic so she wanted to change that in her future life. Her mission is to bring up more knowledge of waste management and upcycling.