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I am a social entrepreneur with a vision to fight plastic pollution. In 2018, I founded Reform Africa, a social enterprise that envisions to transform Africa's waste into wealth through designing and transforming plastic waste into environmentally and socially responsible products that supports the local communities in Uganda.



Growing up, my entire life revolved around the rain. Living in a slum community in Kampala meant that when it rained all of my classes were cancelled and I would have to miss school, something that saddened me deeply. Even worse, during particularly unforgiving seasons of rain, entire homes in our neighborhood would flood. I remember days when it would rain so heavily that my family and I would have to spend the entire night draining water out of our home.
These harsh conditions were one of the consequences of having poor garbage and plastic waste disposal systems in the area. Poor management of waste meant clogged drainage channels which, of course, exacerbated the recurring flooding. Reflecting on the hardships of my past, I decided to use my experience and knowledge to make a positive change in my community.

OUR STORY: Meet the Team
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